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Dan Gilmore, SofteonDan Gilmore, CMO
In today's world of hyper connectivity, the roles and responsibilities of a logistics organization have not only transformed but also created a new world of convenience for its benefactors. With online retail rapidly replacing traditional brick and mortar stores, the definition of logistics today has a new meaning. An everyday consumer can simply push a button and place an order from one part of the world, setting in motion a slew of logistical activities in another. Alongside the detailed planning and management of major inventory, a supply chain company must also employ an effective warehouse management system to ensure seamless organizational workflows. Rising to the occasion and fulfilling this need is Softeon, a leading supply chain solutions provider, offers best-in-class warehouse management software (WMS) to help enterprises throughout the world manage their warehouses better.

Founded in 1999, Softeon has spent the last two decades innovating and supporting a wide range of exclusive, international enterprises like Sears Home Services, Time- Warner, Duluth Trading Co., The Honest Company, Casey’s General Stores, Sony, Lenovo, and Saddlecreek Logistics. With its powerful, next-generation WMS platform, the company provides logistics professionals a new level of flexibility to meet present and future requirements. The platform optimizes distribution, combined with a slew of differentiated capabilities that completely streamlines the most basic processes like inventory management, order picking, loading, and shipping. With a rules engine foundation and multiple levels of adaptability, Softeon's WMS promises the optimal operational workflows right out of the box.

With a rules engine foundation and multiple levels of adaptability, Softeon's WMS promises the optimal operational workflows right out of the box

The resourcefulness and flexibility of the company's solution stems from its experience and interactions with thousands of organizations—across all verticals—for over 20 years. This amount of time also helped Softeon gain a level of expertise that allowed them to consistently achieve their mission: "Increase our client's supply chain efficiency and improve their customers' experiences through innovative, flexible supply chain software, delivered effectively and at fair value—every time."

Alongside its comprehensive WMS offering, Softeon provides a wide range of supply chain solutions suites on a single, integrated service-oriented architecture-based (SOA) technology platform, including 3PL billing capabilities to vendor managed inventory services. The company's distributed order management (DOM), labor and resource management, and slotting optimization further depict its comprehensive understanding of market expectations. In addition to the intuitiveness of cloud-computing technology, Softeon's WMS solution stands to offer the best logistics-based customer experience (CX) on an international level. Taking to the cloud allowed the company to start servicing companies in the ranks of Fortune 50, while also rendering best-in-class solutions to small-medium business (SMB) at mutually beneficial prices.

Moving forward, Softeon intends to continually invest in extensive research and development toward logistics and warehouse management with the aid of modern technology. The company follows a result driven methodology that ensures every customer receives a significant RoI with minimized risks and costs to their business. The future of the logistics marketplace is set to witness a paradigm shift in the quality and efficiency of solutions due to Softeon's continual efforts.

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London, England

Dan Gilmore, CMO and Jean Noel Loiseau, CEO

Softeon is a global provider of technology solutions in the Supply Chain domain. For over two decades now, they have been innovating and helping their customers gain significant benefits in their supply chain, including agility and optimization for performance and results. With consistent growth and strong investments in R&D, they offer a powerful product suite that covers the spectrum from supply chain planning to execution. Their expanding global footprint now includes offices in Europe, Latin America, and India to support the growing list of global customers. Supply Chain Software, Warehouse Management System WMS, Resource Management RMS, Distributed Order Management DOM, Transportation Management TMS are some of the services offered by the company